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 Post subject: 2018 Flu Analysis
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:29 pm 
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For over 20 years, I seldom got a cold or flu, but in my current older age, it is becoming more of the norm in that in the last two years, I caught it any way! Even if I religiously take 5.8 grams of liposomal Vit C per day, 1.9 grams of Vit B3 and 1.9 grams of Lysine I still got it. However, saying all of this, my symptoms seemed less pronounced than the people around me who were infected and did not take my supplements. NOTE! It just occurred to me that the ascorbic acid I had been using to make my liposomal Vitamin C has been in my possession for right at 5 years, only stored in a double plastic bag with that being in a cardboard box. I think the general consensus is that ascorbic acid may only be viable for around 2 years if kept in s tightly capped bottle. I had a chance to buy a large quantity on eBay way back then and I did. Probably not a good idea for one or two people! Plus, I have no idea how old it was before I got it. Chances are, my ascorbic acid powder has deteriorated which may be the major reason why my lipo-C has stopped being so effective!

This was a strange flu this year. My first symptoms was congestion in my throat which developed into thick mucus secretions from the sinus, sinus pressure, sinus headaches. I really didn't feel that I had a temperature, though I may had experienced a very low grade fever with arms feeling "heavy", not aching exactly. My jaw ached, but that is a common symptom with sinusitis. After a few days, most of my distress was simply sinus in origin and thick mucus, developing into a cough and some breathing dysfunction.

My brother and nephew complained of high fever and aching bones and seemed generally harder hit than myself. Both do not take supplements.

I nebulized with a colloidal silver/dmso/anti-infective herbs solution, but I couldn't really say that it seemed to help my lung involvement out much. Maybe because this was a more viral type of infection than bacterial? Toward the end of my first 8 days, I begin radiating my maxillary sinuses with a low level cold laser with both IR and red laser frequency. That seemed to help, but perhaps I was getting better any way?

Low Level Laser Therapy of Sinusitis

M. Hacarova, ENT and Allergology, Dobnerova 26, Olomouc, CZ


The authors have been monitoring influence of a therapeutic laser (LLLT), wavelength 830 nm, output 40 - 120 mW, on treatment of acute sinusitis in 194 patients in group I (consisting of 20 patients with diagnosis of sinusitis maxillaris unilat., bilateralis - 145, frontalis unilat. - 2, pansinusitis - 24 patients). Control group II consisted of 241 patients with the same diagnosis, treated without the use of a laser. Energy density applied on children was 1.6 J/cm2, 3 times every other day, on adults 2.5 J/cm2, 5 times every other day on every affected sinus. Laser probe was applied externally on the skin of frontal wall of the sinus. 30 patients were treated with laser only, 91 patients were treated with laser and antihistaminics, 73 patients were treated with laser, antihistaminics and antibiotics. A significant analgesic effect of laser irradiation was noticed in all groups, the number of punctures decreased substantially in comparison with group II, presumably thanks to release of outlets of the sinus and improved drainage, the time of treatment decreased significantly. No complications were noticed.


Weekend of March 16-18: The first initial feelings of congestion noticed in my throat, nostrils.

March 19-21: possible low grade fever, heavy sensation of the limbs, aching jaw--worst period of my infection for discomfort.

March 22-26: thick mucus formation and some discharge. Sinusitis.

March 27-31: Finally on the improve, freer breathing, sinusitis relief, mucous formation limited.

April 8-13: A RELAPSE! My lung congestion appears to be coming back, increased coughing, lung "rattling". On the 13th, I suspect I may have a low grade temperature along with arms having that "heavy" feeling again like I had in the initial course of this flu. I have been told that some flu patients seem to have it come back on them and apparently it did me too, if in a rather mild way.

That did it! I decided to try ozone direct IV the next day, April the 14th. It has been a month and I am still bedeviled by this bug! I have been studying ozone for years, but never felt the need to actually try it. I do now! I tried to follow the Dr. Robin's Protocol, starting out with a conservative 49 mcg/ml ozone concentration (lower than he suggested) in a 20cc dose. Using a 25g butterfly connected to a 50cc glass syringe loaded with 24cc of ozone, I used a syringe infusion pump dispersion at 3.1 ml per minute. Absolutely no problems or sensation in arms, shoulder or chest as sometimes can occur. I suspect the uniform pressing of the syringe with my syringe pump helped that out. I felt better overnight and the next day, but cough persists minus lung rattling. Two days later, I did a second round at 34cc and same concentration with no problems. The next morning, I can finally breath deeply without eliciting a cough and no more lung rattling sensations. I did a third infusion, three days later of 42cc but this time at the suggested higher concentration of 55 mcg. My lungs are feeling better and better. Finally on friday and saturday I did a final two infusions at 44cc at 55mcg for a total of 5 infusions over approximately 7 days. My lungs finally felt pretty much back to normal and for the first time in this very long episode of the flu, I had achieved a consistent lessening of symptoms and progress that week when I finally started ozone DIV therapy. I was impressed!

I am pretty sure, had I started this treatment with the first symptoms, it would have quickly stopped the virus in its tracks as you can see happened to the dentist in one of the below YouTube videos. After a month of infection, it will be a much harder nut to crack for me and has been! At any rate, I have a new tool in my medical cabinet! I will consider ozone DIV my first line of defense in future infections.

My procedure:

So far, when it comes to viral infections, perhaps the fastest means of treatment out there seems to be ozone therapy. As the dentist says in the first video, "This therapy is beyond all other therapies which I ever had with the biggest change in such a narrow margin of time!" :

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