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It is often said that supplmenting with high doses of say, Flax oil, will thin the blood and open one up to bleeding. Why?

Brian Peskin explains:


There is widespread misunderstanding concerning these interesting and critical substances—another misunderstanding that is responsible for wide-spread, yet incorrect, nutritional recommendations telling us to “take lots of omega-3.” Eicosanoids are your body’s cellular analogy to hormones. But unlike hormones, they work in your body with lightning speed and don’t last long. Furthermore, they act locally in the cells and don’t actually enter the bloodstream, because their function is so rapid. Eicosanoids include prostaglandins (influence cholesterol and cardiovas-cular health, etc.) and leukotrienes (influence allergies and asthma, etc.). These substances act like cellular hormones, although they act much faster and have much shorter life spans. They do not enter the bloodstream the way hormones do. Prostaglandin function is often misunderstood. There are three classes of prostaglandins that concern us: PGE1, PGE2, and PGE3. Omega-3’s derivative PGE3 isn’t nearly as powerful or as effectiveas Omega-6’s PGE1.

The function of omega-6 and its derivatives like AA (arachadonic acid) is to prevent, not cause inflammation (unless required by the body to seal a wound). The mistake often made by researchers is the assumption that increased AA automatically increases PGE2—an inflammatory. This assumption is incorrect because the body manufactures PGE2 AS NEEDED. All EFA derivatives are manufactured as needed and this is no exception. Arachadonic acid is anything but harmful: AA is the precursor to prostacyclin—the most potentantiaggretory agent (a natural “blood thinner”) and inhibitor of platelet adhesion.22 AA contributes to smooth working of vascular function and blood flow. AA provides eicosanoids for response to injury—acting as a healer—helping to seal the wound. It is critical. While the parent omega-3s and 6s are used throughout your body predominantly “as is,” just a small amount of omega-3 and omega-6 derivatives are made into these eicosanoids after many biochemical modifications, “as needed.” For example, the eicosanoids made from omega-3 PEOs come from the EFA derivatives DHA and EPA (which your body makes from parent omega EFAs “as needed”). Another example is the eicosanoids made from omega-6 PEOs—your body manufactures them by modifying arachidonic acid (which your body makes from parent omega-6 or takes from animal fats ready-made—if they aren’t adulterated). Omega-6 eicosanoids are critical:

PGE1 eicosanoids formed from parent omega-6 are known from the medical textbooks to be fast-acting, anti-inflammatory and to have significant immune-enhancing properties. We need to ensure that plenty of them can be made. They are much more powerful than omega-3’s PGE3.

It is also vital to note that the omega-3 and omega-6 eicosanoids work together in a complementary manner. Neither is ever found alone in your body. For example, one increases blood pressure while the other decreases blood pressure. This required natural balance is another reason that the current nutritional recommendations to highly favor unprocessed omega-3 PEOs over omega-6 PEOs are harmful. Doing so will unbalance your system. In fact, we must warn that overdosing on omega-3 can lead to profuse internal bleeding from eicosanoid overproduction! Debra, my wife, used to frequently develop “black and blue” marks from bumping into furniture. She could never figure out what was causing them. It was only after she started taking PEOs with more omega parent 6 than “parent” omega-3 that this excessive bruising stopped. The bottom line is that Nature makes both omega-3 and 6 eicosanoids AS NEEDED from parent PEOs and doesn’t require our direct intervention. So supply unadulterated parent omegas and let Nature do her job.

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